Tips on GG Build Lylia Items

Lylia becomes a new Hero Mage with a unique game mechanism. This is caused by the ability (skill) which is fairly interconnected and used in unusual ways.

Tips on GG Build Lylia Items

The uniqueness makes Lylia a Hero Mage that might be interesting for us to taste. However, without building the right items, the potential will not come out optimally. For this reason, I will provide Lylia build items that match their unique abilities. Please refer to the following description.

1. Demon Shoes

Demon Shoes became the first item that Lylia must-have. Demon Shoes can provide 30 mana regeneration points and 40 speed of movement. With the addition of mana regeneration, he will get a little help to spam skills and the addition of movement speed also makes it even more agile.

Demon Shoes can be replaced with Tough Boots or Warrior Boots according to playing style and battle conditions. Tough Boots can be used if you encounter enough Mage or Hero crowd control specialists in battle.

2. Iced Queen Wand

Iced Queen Wand becomes the build item for Lylia that must be owned immediately after the shoe item. This item can have the effect of adding 75 Magic Power, 10% Spell Vamp, 150 Mana, and 7% Movement Speed. Iced Queen Wand also has a passive ability (Ice Bound) which can have a slow effect if the enemy is hit by a skill from Lylia.

Even though Lylia has a slow effect, it is not enough to make the enemy ensnared from Angry Gloom's successive skill attack. With the slow effect of Ice Bound, enemies will get an additional slow of 15%.

This makes it very difficult for enemies to escape from the Angry Gloom combo streak. In addition, Iced Queen Wand also has a spell vamp effect that is able to maintain Lylia's HP and help her to survive in the battle area.

3. Fleeting Time

After Ice Queen Wand, Fleeting Time becomes the third item that must be owned by Lylia. Fleeting Time can provide an additional 70 Magic Power and reduce the cooldown skill duration by 10%. Not only that, but Fleeting Time also has a passive ability (Timestream) that is able to reduce the duration of the Ultimate cooldown skill if it is able to get a kill or assist after using it.

The fundamental reason for using Fleeting Time is to reduce the duration of the cooldown skill. With the use of the Angry Gloom skill quite often, Lylia needs an item to reduce the duration of the cooldown skill. In addition, with Timestream's passive ability, he can also maximize the use of the Black Shoe skill to lure and reverse enemy attacks.

4. Divine Glave

Divine Glave becomes a Magical Damage item that is quite important for Lylia. The reason is, this item can provide 65 Magic Power and 40% Magic Penetration. In addition, Divine Glave also has a passive ability (Spellbreaker) that can provide an additional 30% Magic Penetration, when HP is above 70%.

Divine Glave is important because it can greatly increase Lylia's damage. That is because the effect of Magic Penetration can reduce the enemy's Magical Armor. The enemy will receive Magical Damage with a very large value. Especially for enemy Hero Tanks that resist damage.

5. Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal became one of the mandatory items for Lylia. This item can provide 90 Magic Power and an additional 25% Magic Power. In addition, the Holy Crystal also has a passive ability (Exterminate). This passive ability can provide an additional 15% Magic Power to the next skill for a duration of three seconds. The passive ability has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Holy Crystal is an important item for Lylia that can provide a significant increase in Magic Power. In addition, the virtue of this item with the green crystal logo lies in its passive ability. Heroes who often spam the first and second skills will benefit greatly from Exterminate's abilities. Because the damage generated from the combo skill produced will increase dramatically.

6. Blood Wings

Blood Wings became the last item that Lylia must-have. This item can provide 150 Magic Power and 500 HP. In addition, Blood Wings also has a passive ability - Nirvana which can add 1.5 HP from 1 point of Magic Power.

Blood Wings can be said to be a complimentary item that Lylia must-have in the late game. He will get a very large Magical Damage. In addition, thanks to the passive ability, Lylia will also get additional HP that is very useful for him when playing aggressively on the front lines and enemy defense areas.


Slow effects, Magic Penetration, reduced cooldown skill duration and added damage skills are the main points that we need to pay attention to support Lylia's battle power. The main points have been summarized with and systematically arranged from the build items above. You will also be able to increase its attack power and crush enemies quickly in the Land of Dawn.