Tips on Using AWM Weapons in Free Fire, Here's How!

In the Battle Royale Free Fire game there is one sniper weapon that is difficult to use. Yes, the weapon is AWM. Then, how about tips on using AWM weapons?
Tips on Using AWM Weapons in Free Fire, Here's How! 

Although difficult to use, AWM is a terrible weapon. With just one bullet, the enemy can be directly collapsed. That's because this weapon has 90 points damage.

So, do you want to know how to use AWM properly? Here are tips on using AWM weapons in Free Fire.

1. Keep carrying Assault Rifle or SMG weapons

When you get an AWM, you shouldn't carry a second sniper type weapon as well. Yes, this will make it difficult for you when fighting with close and medium-range enemies.
So, you should combine with Assault Rifle or SMG weapons. With these weapons, you can do combat in the close and medium range.

2. Finish off enemies with Assault Rifle or SMG weapons

When you successfully shoot an enemy with an AWM weapon, it is certain the enemy will lose a lot of HP.
Well, you've shot with AWM and the enemy doesn't die right away, you should immediately finish him with the second weapon that you carry.

3. AWM should be used for long distances

AWM weapons have an 8x scope, so you can shoot enemies from a great distance. You should use AWM to attack enemies from a distance.

4. No need headshot to knock out enemies

When using AWM you definitely want to target the enemy's headshot, the goal is that the enemy can be immediately paralyzed.
But, if you shoot towards the body, the enemy will also immediately run out of HP and definitely panic.
So, if you have trouble aiming for a headshot, towards the body is also okay. Guaranteed the enemy will immediately panic and lose concentration and you can directly attack.