Tips on Using Groza Weapons on PUBG Mobile.

Who likes to use Groza weapons in PUBG Mobile? Yes, this assault rifle weapon is one of the weapons that has the biggest damage in PUBG Mobile. Then what are the tips for using Groza on PUBG Mobile?

 Tips on Using Groza Weapons on PUBG Mobile.

But, to get Groza is not easy, because it can only be found in the airdrop.

The advantage of this weapon is that the recoil is smaller than the AKM or M416. Groza specializes in medium to close-range combat. 

Groza is only able to be equipped with 4x size scopes. These weapons attachments are also not many. Players only need to search for Extended, Quickdraw, and Extended Extended Suppressors or magazines.

Well, for you really like using Groza, do you know how to use it yet? Here are tips on using Groza weapons at PUBG Mobile. Guaranteed you auto Chicken Dinner.

1. Exercise to reduce recoil

Groza is a weapon that has a low recoil compared to other assault rifle weapons with 7.62 mm bullets, such as AK 47. 

However, to hold the recoil from Groza you still have to train it to make the weapon more stable.

2. Use Red Dot Sight

Want to know how to reduce recoil in Groza? One way is to use Red Dot Sight to shoot with Aim Down Sight (ADS).

ADS itself is a shooting technique by aiming enemies through the scope. With this technique, Groza is becoming increasingly overpower.

3. Practice firing rate

Groza is a weapon that has a very precise firing rate. As a result, this weapon can paralyze the enemy quickly.

Try your Groza firing rate exercise so you can cripple enemies quickly in close combat.