Tips on using the Skorpion Weapon on PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile players surely know about the new Skorpion weapon? Yes, this is a pistol but has the ability like SMG. Then, how about tips on using this Skorpion weapon?

Tips on using the Skorpion Weapon on PUBG Mobile 

Why is it like SMG? Yes, Skorpion is able to fire bullets automatically and can hold 40 bullets. It's like SMG, right?

For those who have never used Scorpion, I will provide tips on using Scorpion weapons that are pretty terrible. Come see below.

1. Use all attachments

Skorpion Weapons (PUBG Mobile) 

Scorpion difference from other types of pistols is that it can use all attachments.

Some attachments that are important to use are Magazine Extended so that the bullets become 40 points. Then, Red Dot Sight to make it easier to aim at enemies.

You must also have a Suppressor so that the bullet can land to the target correctly. And, finally, use Grip to reduce recoil.

2. Don't use the main weapon

Skorpion Weapons (PUBG Mobile) 

Although Skorpion is a scary weapon, you should not use it as a main weapon. You can save it as an emergency weapon, just in case, the main weapon runs out of bullets.

Of course, when you fight with enemies who use Assault Riffle weapons, you will most likely lose.

3. Use for shooting at medium range

Skorpion Weapons (PUBG Mobile)

Scorpion is a weapon that has low recoil and should be used to shoot enemies at medium range and close range.

Well, for medium range, you should use Red Dot Sight to help aim right on target.