Tips to become a Pro Player on Free Fire

Who is the Free Fire player who wants to be a professional player? Besides you have to train hard, you also need to know how to play properly. Well, this time I will discuss tips on being a pro player on Free Fire.

Tips to become a Pro Player on Free Fire

What should you do? Here are some of the secrets.

1. Use a skin that increases the amount of Rate of Fire

Usually, many people are tempted by the skin to add damage. But, actually, the most important thing is the Rate of Fire skin.

Yes, with this skin your weapon will issue a lot of bullets. With this skin, of course, you will win against large-damage weapon skin but the rate of fire is small.

2. The melee weapon is placed in the Primary Slot

Make sure you place melee weapons in the Primary Slot or the main slot. The reason is that you are always ready for a sudden and close battle.

By placing it in the Primary Slot, you no longer need to change weapons.

3. Arrange the use of weapons with the team

Professional teams certainly each member holds a different weapon. The goal is that each member can fight the enemy according to the type of weapon used.

Usually, in one team there is a shotgun, SMG, and Treatment Gun.

4. Always practice

Finally, keep on practicing and learning from mistakes. Watch each of your matches and see what mistakes you made.

By practicing you can reduce mistakes and keep adding skills.