Tips to Become a Role Support in Free Fire, Must Play Safely

When playing Free Fire in squad mode, you must divide the roles on your team. Yes, starting from Marksman, Sniper, Breacher, and Support. This time I will share tips on becoming a Free Fire Support role.

Tips to Become a Role Support in Free Fire, Must Play Safely!

 Well, what should you do when you become a Support? 

1. Always carry lots of MedKit and Gloo Wall

When you become a Support, you must prioritize bringing MedKit and Gloo Wall to the team's needs.

To bring lots of MedKit and Gloo Wall, you should use the Paloma character.

2. Always find out the position of the enemy

When becoming a Support, you must be able to know the position of the enemy. Yes, always monitor the position around and tell the enemy position to the team members.

To mark enemy positions on your team, you should use the Moco skill.

3. Play safe and patient

When you become a Support you must play safely and patiently. Yes, you do not lust get a kill. Your job is to save the team members.

To protect team members, you can use Flashbang to save the team from enemy attacks.