Try Early Access OUTBREAK: Undead Crisis!

Are you including fans of the zombie game? there's a new zombie game title that you can play, you know. One studio game developer based in Singapore, namely Triple Fry Games, is currently developing a zombie game titled OUTBREAK: Dead Crisis. Even though it hasn't been officially released yet, you can already try playing the game.

Try Early Access OUTBREAK: Undead Crisis!

Triple Fry Games has opened the Early Access period on the Google Play Store. Through the Early Access period, you can try the game even though it hasn't been released in full. In addition, you can also provide input to the developer on how you feel while playing in this version.

This game takes time in an apocalyptic world where a mysterious plague occurs that infects a large portion of the global population. People affected by the plague turned into zombies. You will act as soldiers who are members of an organization called APEX. Your character will be armed with deadly weapons and abilities that can defeat zombies.

In this game, you have to get ready to face a horde of attacking zombies. That's why you have to be fast when you finish the zombies. If you don't act fast, then zombies can control you. You also have to be careful with Freak because they are zombies who have special abilities.

Players can carry up to three weapons to kill zombies. You can also exchange weapons that you carry, even when you are in the middle of a battle. In addition, reloading bullets can also be done automatically. You will also find melee weapons in this game.

So that players can focus when aiming and shooting, OUTBREAK: Dead Crisis will use the arcade shooter gameplay system. In this game, you can determine when to run to another location. With one tap of the button, your character will remain on the rail until a stage ends.