Update 0.14.0 PUBG Mobile Launch Soon, What's Anything?

PUBG Mobile today, Tuesday (08/13/2019), is offline because there is server maintenance. This is intentionally done in preparation for presenting the 0.14.0 PUBG Mobile update.

 Update 0.14.0 PUBG Mobile Launch Soon, What's Anything?

Yes, this 0.14.0 update is planned to be present on August 14, 2019.
Reported by Express, from the information provided by Tencent in the PUBG Mobile game, update 0.14.0 will bring new content. Anything?

New Infection Mode

In this update comes the zombie mode called New Infection. Here players will be divided into two teams, namely the Zombie team and the Defender team. In this mode, the player can become Zombie and Defender.

For the Zombie team not equipped with weapons, but only poisonous attacks. Meanwhile, the Defender team is equipped with weapons.

In this update will present a character named Victor who appears in the New Character System. To get this character, players must collect Victor's character in the Character options in the Workshop. 

Victor has the ability to reduce the reload time of SMG weapons. This ability can be used in Evorground mode and cannot be used in Classic mode.

This character also has an exclusive Legendary Conquest skin. Players can also get emotes and sounds by gathering various materials.

Pirate and Global Treasure Hunt

PUBG Mobile players will hunt for hidden treasures during the game. Yes, players must collect gold, silver, and bronze, then exchange them for prizes.

Then, the Global Treasure Hunt has four stages and each has a map. Each stage has seven levels and each level has two missions.

In total, the players can complete 56 missions to unlock the final prize.

Update 0.14.0 PUBG Mobile requires a large amount of memory space. For Android devices, the size will be 1.95 GB. Whereas iOS devices require 2.55 GB of space.

For players who do an update before August 23, 2019, will get a parachute trail and battle point (BP) 2,000 points.