VR Technology Allows You To Watch Together With Friends

Not only does Bigscreen TV provide a more immersive viewing experience using VR technology, but it can also give you an intimate viewing atmosphere with family and friends like in the past, even if you are far away.

VR Technology Allows You To Watch Together With Friends

Television was first introduced to homes in America since the 1940s. Since then television has become a staple of American life. The experience of watching TV is relatively related to social life, where families can gather together to watch their favorite television programs, plus an internet connection and smart devices now allow us to watch content anytime and anywhere as desired. Who would have guessed this TV technology could develop so rapidly until now.

Bigscreen, an immersive social platform that allows you to access VR through a computer, with the aim to continue to revolutionize the TV viewing experience with Bigscreen TV - a VR streaming experience that opens access to more than 50 major television channel providers.

"With Bigscreen, users can watch Netflix shows or Twitch channels in virtual theaters like IMAX," Bigscreen said. This means users from all over the world can gather together to watch a big match or their favorite shows with their friends as if they were together on the same sofa.

Bigscreen will feature more than 50 channels and will include access to content on streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. This channel will be accessible to thousands of people at once and divided into social spaces for up to eight users. Every TV room is public, allowing you to enjoy new programs with like-minded strangers or meet close friends for the long-awaited ball game.

Here is a small sample of 50 Bigscreen TV plus offers:
  • Movies & TV: Rifftrax, MST3K, Anime, Pok√©mon, Pluto Movies, Comet, Shout! Factory
  • Gaming & Sports: Red Bull TV, Poker 24/7, Trivia 24/7, CBS Sports, FOX Sports, Twitch Top (Ninja, Shroud, Sodapoppin, Timthetatman, Lyrics, DrDisrespect, DrLupo, Pokimane, Summit1g)
  • News & Finance: NBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Sky News, Newsy, Cheddar News, RT America, Weather Nation, Crypto News
  • Random: Monstercat, Radio Beats Lofi Hip Hop, Comedy Central, NASA, SpaceX, 24/7 Cats, and more

Although there are a number of video streaming solutions that already exist, Bigscreen TV aims to simplify the process by offering users the easiest and most convenient way to stream content with friends in real-time. One way they achieve this is by creating a full cross-platform experience, which means users can stream and watch content with friends, no matter what device they are using.

Surfing through content is also easier thanks to the addition of a one-click menu that separates content between streaming (YouTube, Twitch, Pluto) and direct (NBC, Sky News, Cheddar). However, some programs such as CNN will only be available in certain countries.

VR technology provides an immersive experience so that it is suitable for your business branding media

"We are building a new VR video browser technology that can load video streaming and live broadcast sites," Bigscreen said. "Bigscreen TV allows VR users to access content that they can access through a web browser, but with a user experience like Apple TV."

Bigscreen will also feature a cinema environment for watching big matches and upcoming events, such as the Overwatch tournament. SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch (21 July), and the DOTA 2 International Grand Final (25 August).

Bigscreen TV beta began last week on every major PC and VR mobile/standalone headset. You can download the application for free on mobile, Oculus Rift / Rift S, Oculus Quest, and SteamVR.