3 Hero OP di Mobile Legends ini di Nerf

Some time ago, Moonton as Mobile Legends game developer has just rolled out its latest patch. Where in the patch they normally give balance in the form of Nerf and Buff to the hero.

3 Hero OP di Mobile Legends ini di Nerf

In patch 1.3.96 this time, there are 3 Mobile Legends heroes that get nerf, and the three of them are practically meta heroes. The three heroes are Harith, Kaja, and Leomord. Like what was the Nerf given to the three? See below.


The first Hero Mobile Legends to get nerf this time is Harith. Yes, this one mage hero is still a meta in the MOBA game, so do not be surprised if this hero is always a subscription or banned.

In this latest update, Harith gets nerf to reduce the distance of movement by 10% for his passive skills (Synchro Fusion). In addition, there is also a reduction in CC duration to 60 percent for the first skill. Pretty bad, too, nerf from this Mobile Legends hero?


After being reworked some time ago, now it can't be underestimated. Not only became a supporter but now Kaja also became a fighter with a fairly ill Damage.

Now in the latest patch this time the Hero Mobile Legends get Nerf on his skill 1 (Ring of Order), which previously had 150+ skill levels damage * 30, now only 110+ skill levels * 40. Is it still worth it?


And the last Mobile Legends hero to get Nerf this time is the knight riding the Leomord. Nerf given to Leo is not too significant, which is in the form of a reduction in movement speed bonus when he rides a horse. The rest damage Leomord has is still sick and is still a serious threat.