3D Game-Stereogram Tetris

3D Game-Stereogram Tetris


Introducing a new game called Stereogram Tetris. This is a 3D game to enjoy 3D images and the best 3D art more. Learn about 3D art in a very interesting way. You need to follow the instructions to play the game. Read these instructions or jump directly to this stereogram Tetris game.

To view these photos

If you have problems viewing these photos, you are not alone. What is needed is proper depth recognition. In other words, you can see with both eyes and there is no strong stigma. In the absence of these conditions, you can see 3D.

Remember that you have never done this. The most important thing you need to know is that you can't focus on the photo itself. So it is very clear. Believe it or not, this works when the photo itself is not in focus, as if it were behind the photo. This is the challenge. Please wait. try it. It may take 2-10 minutes and you may need to try this several times, but it is very easy to do it a few times. The good news is that you love it. I promise to be worth the effort.

Technique 1:

Look at the picture, but don't focus on anything. Please relax and look relaxed. After a while, you will “feel” something is happening. When you relax and do the same thing, the image starts to change. If you are patient, your eyes will do the rest of the work. When an image is first displayed, it is usually only part of it. If you keep the same relaxed look, the result will “jump out”.

Technique 2:

Place a photo or computer screen 1 cm in front of you. The image is completely blurred. Make your eyes a little accustomed. Then slowly leave the photo without changing the focus of the eyes. Then stop at a distance of 2-3 feet. If you just relax and join the flow, the image should be blurry. If not, start over. Try it a few times and it will be easy. Sometimes it just pops up before it comes true. Keep it and if that doesn't work, try another technique and come back later.

Technique 3:

This is called the “look-through” method. This is done by looking through the image and behind the image. Doing this will blur the image and begin adjusting your eyes. Relax like any other technique. If you look closely at these images, this is probably the fastest way to display an image in a book.

If you look at the image as shown in Figure 1, the Eye Adventures 3D image will not be displayed because your eyes are pointing directly at the image.

All you need to do is “see-through” as shown in Figure 2. This is like looking behind the image. This helps the eye focus on the way it should be and is the best way to see 3D.

Artists can design images that look through or through the eyes. All images of our products are designed for review. However, if it is easy to see, try looking at these photos with your eyes crossed (this means you can see your eyes in front of them). You need to learn a bit to do that, but a flipped version of the photo is provided and there is something interesting. It may be a little uncomfortable at first because the photos are not designed that way.