4 Combo Chess Rush Suitable for Push Rank!

Lately, it seems like Chess Rush has been very popular. Auto Battler released by Tencent has unique graphics & gameplay.

chess rush

Some time ago Chess Rush officially started its first season. The players certainly competing to do push rank.

Of course, to win the game in Chess Rush you must be able to get a synergy that matches. Here are 4 Chess Rush combos that are suitable for doing push rank!

Beast - Druid

Beasts and Druids are perfect if you really want to play fast. Druids have an effect that makes it easy for heroes to reach 3 stars. Beast will bring up some pets that will help in battle.

Beasts and Druids are also easy to find since the beginning of the game so you don't have to bother to roll.

Assasins - Cyborg

Assassin and Cyborg are currently being meta on Chess Rush. This synergy is very strong thanks to the cyborg hero who was hit by the buff. Cyborg also has a buff from Engineers that have high regeneration.

Assasins have high damage because it has a critical attack. This is what makes this synergy strong from early game to late game.

Hunter - Rider

Rider and Hunter are no less powerful than other synergies. A rider has the added effect of armor and also magic resistance which makes it very strong to withstand damage.

Hunter has a very large additional damage effect so when these two synergies are suitable when combined. A rider can make Hunter in a safe position and of course, make enemies difficult.

Human - Sorcerer

Lastly, there is a Human and Sorcerer combo for those of you who like to play late games. Sorcerers have skills such as crowd control which are troublesome for opponents. Not only that, but Sorcerer also has a lot of damage.

The sorcerer will be very strong combined with Human synergy which will reset cooldown. With the ability of Human, Sorcerer will carry on this spam skills.