5 Amazing Games and 5 Amazing Games for Your Phone

There are thousands of games to download. Some games are great and will entertain you, while others make you feel like you want to dispose of your phone like black death. In this article, search the bias review page and save time downloading games you have never played before.


These are the games that are required for mobile phones. Everyone is guaranteed to entertain you wherever you are.


KaGlom is a very good game, so becoming a cult fan is a matter of time. This game is similar to Tetris and Jeweled, but it follows a slightly packed action. Blocks are easily destroyed with a sound called “KAGLOM!”.


Overall, I.Q. At least in the riddle category / intellect-very special. It is hard enough to take a serious puzzle game and still take enough hesitation to entertain the fans occasionally. Because it is an I.Q. original straight port, there will be no dice in additional game modes.

Alpha wing 2

If you are looking for a high-quality game to play on the go, you will find that Glu performs best, especially with its own brands such as Fatal Force and Zuma. It's no wonder that the trend is expanding into the brave new world of mobile 3D games. This is currently underestimated by most developers. However, Glu succeeded in providing a Game Boy Advance experience with Alpha Wing 2.

Jewel Quest

Jewel Quest deviates slightly from the standard Tetris format. The goal of Jewel Quest is to make all the squares red instead of erasing them. This may seem like a small difference, but it will fundamentally change gameplay. Variants add a more strategic aspect to this simple puzzle game by determining where connections are more important than simple connections.

Block breaker deluxe

The block breaker deluxe is basically a drug pon. Your goal is to destroy many blocks using the ball, along with explosive weapons and power-ups. Everyone knows this style of play, but what distinguishes Block Breaker Deluxe is cheap is the attention to detail and chaos that Gameloft is preparing for this futuristic setback. In an industry that suffers from big movie budgets and overly complex controls, it's refreshing to see such a simple but well-made game


There are many terrible games available for download. In fact, the majority of mobile games are not worth your time/money. This is a list of some of these games.

World war

War of the Worlds is a 2D side scroll shooting game with a very clear and unique visual style. The game tries to create diversity through different types of attacks. You can shoot them and grab your super assault “All Dies” or my personal favorite: grab and throw. These multiple attacks provide diversity, but push your finger into a small area, making it a very unpleasant game.

King Kong

You are basically a giant monkey running in the jungle that shatters the dinosaur skull with the monkey's cry. As a movie, King Kong looks great, but in either case, the content is not simply up-to-date. But I believe in my beliefs. It's no worse than knowing that your project has a great production team to get a huge budget and mediocre products.

D12 Fighting

Here we usually talk a bit about how to play the game and what it offers. I'll be honest if I can, but I don't know how to play. I tried to read the instructions but found that without Rosetta Stone, I could go nowhere. Each button was pressed individually. I squeezed them with a pattern. At some point, I pressed the keyboard as if I was Star Trek Enterprise data. Overall, it's probably the worst game I've ever played.

twenty four

The game looks like this: Read for 1 hour, play minigame and repeat. Some mini-games are great, but in most cases, you will want to see fiery chopsticks. One mini-game is to manipulate the Bauer from a bird's eye view if you experience a bad acid journey. When one of the guards discovers, you can dodge or shoot what looks like a grain of corn. Another mini-game is to drive from point A to B without hitting the cars around you. This mini-game is so easy to play while driving. This is a terrible game for a great show.

Prince of Persia: Inside Warrior

Prince of Persia's frustrating gameplay and intriguing plots change the way Persian views are ancient. The game includes many beautiful women and the prince always wants to avoid without a clear reason. The game is also very difficult. Almost too difficult. I played this game for about an hour before throwing my phone in the trash.