5 Best Mobile Legends Heroes Create Solo Player

Mobile Legends is a mob genre game that is played by 5 people in each team. It must be recognized if playing solo in this game is a challenge in itself, which requires adjusting the players in order to win the match.

Quite often in playing solo you can meet with a noob team or vice versa. For that, you need to use a hero who can make the team carry and win the match. So here are 5 Mobile Legends heroes that you can rely on when playing solo, anyone looking for the answers below.


The first Mobile Legends hero you can count on when playing solo is Harley. This very agile Hero Mage can enter the war very easily, moreover, he also becomes a kidnap specialist who is quite annoying.


Although it is quite difficult to play, Kagura can be a mainstay when playing solo in the Mobile Legends game. Not much different from Harley, where Kagura is equipped with a runaway skill from her umbrella, besides that damage from Kagura is also very painful, it can even kill 2-3 heroes at once in one ulti.


It is undeniable that Lunox still remains the OP hero in Mobile Legends. And interestingly again, Lunox is now also rarely banned, so your chance to use this hero is still open. In addition to pain damage, Lunox also has a blurry skill that makes it quite difficult to catch.


Hero Mobile Legends, inspired by Indonesian mythological figures, has indeed been Over Power since the beginning of his arrival. So no wonder Kadita players used to play solo and not be afraid. Besides having great damage to the ultimate skill, Kadita also has an immune effect from skill 1 which makes it quite difficult to kidnap.


And the last Mobile Legends mage hero you can count on is Alice. In addition to being a Mage, Alice can also be a tank when you war, of course, this is thanks to the support of his ultimate skill that can suck the opponent's blood but his blood still remains fully charged.