5 Hero Mobile Legends with the Fastest Attack Speed!

In the Mobile Legends game, there are many hero characters that can be played. Each hero generally has advantages that are not shared by other heroes. Even some Mobile Legends heroes are also known to have very fast attacks.

5 Hero Mobile Legends with the Fastest Attack Speed!

Here it is 5 Mobile Legends heroes with the fastest attack speed.


This Hero Marksman can be counted on to attack enemies from a distance. Miya can also fire going towards the enemy and is equipped with skills that make him stronger when he nests.

Even one of Miya's skills is able to fire multiple arrows at once.


This one hero can multiply and brutally hit your opponent. Although the damage generated is not large, but Sun has an attack speed high enough to be superior when playing one on one. Moreover, collaborated with Speel Inspire, the attack speed can be even higher.


Hero Mobile Legends with the next speed attack is Zilong. Not only has fast attacks, but Zilong can also run fast with his ultimate skill.

The ability to attack quickly is also advantageous to spend minions and knockdown opponent towers.


One of the marksman heroes, Karrie is known to have an attack speed that can make enemies run out of health bars. The Speedy Lightwheel skill can be relied on to throw its weapons at the enemy very quickly.

With enemies who have large health bars, this skill can be very deadly.


Mobile Legends Hero with the last fastest attack is Claude. This hero has a unique ability because it is assisted by Dexter who can fire bullets at the enemy.

This one hero can also speed up attacks after releasing the Art of Thievery skill. With this skill, Claude's movement and attack speed can increase. A quick attack can help the team to war with enemy heroes.