5 Hero S-Tier Mobile Legends Adventure that You Must Have!

Have you tried playing Mobile Legends Adventure? This spinoff game from the Mob Leg Bang Bang MOBA game presents our favorite hero in the idle RPG format. So even if we don't play, when we go online, there will still be additional exp, money, and material. But not all heroes are "equal" because there are also S-Tier Mobile Legends Adventure heroes who have clever abilities compared to other heroes.

5 Hero S-Tier Mobile Legends Adventure that You Must Have!

Of course, Mobile Legends Adventure is still in its early stages and there will be updates in the future. But if you want to "be" right from the start, you must collect the following S-Tier Mobile Legends Adventure heroes!

1. Lancelot

Lancelot is arguably the best hero of Mobile Legends Adventure. He is a melee fighter with ordinary defense. But the Lancelot attack has the highest damage in this game. With Puncture style, he can go directly to the opponent's back row with a high attack. Therefore he is the most useful melee fighter in any team.

2. Gatotkaca

If you need a tough tank, then Gatotkaca is the answer. Gatotkaca has a high defense. Not only giving debuffs to his opponent, but he also adds armor if injured. You could say he is the thickest foreground in Mobile Legends Adventure!

3. Estes

From the start, we did have a healer, Rafaela. But is he the best healer hero in Mobile Legends Adventure? Unfortunately no.

As an S-tier Mobile Legends Adventure healer, Estes is the hero. In addition to being able to heal, he can also give important buffs to his friends.

The Code of Moon Elves skill makes our team practically invulnerable. Aside from the other heal skills that come on, critical increases and Estes magic damage also rises.

4. Clint

If Lancelot is a melee with high damage, then Clint is the highest damage range hero. Moreover, he can act as crowd control with some of his stun moves. After all, with a long-distance, he can hurt the opponent safely in the backline.

But if the opponent can go straight to the very back line (like Puncture's Lancelot). it will threaten Clint because his defense is small. Of course, this depends on whether there is a need for hero support or even full damage.

5. Alice

Alice is the best mage hero. He has a strong AoE stance, and each damage turns into a heal for him. That makes him a mage who has high endurance.

In a long-term battle, perhaps he will be the longest surviving with his lifestyle magic. Do you need to support by having Alice on your team, of course, become its own strategy?