5 heroes who can be a match for Aldous in Mobile Legends

Starting from the middle to upper rank, Aldous became one of the mainstay heroes and was often feared so prone to being banned. It's natural, of course, because this one Mobile Legends hero has extraordinary abilities, one hit at once even if the enemy dies is also possible.

5 heroes who can be a match for Aldous in Mobile Legends

And of course, it will be homework for you if you can't find the Aldous counter hero in the game. Actually it is not very good at being Aldous, still a fighter's standard, it's just that its power is centralized.

Well, for those of you who might encounter Aldous heroes in enemy slots, maybe some of these rival heroes can help you find which reference is most suitable for use against Aldous.


Thick blood will make it difficult for Aldous to kill him, then when Gatot is smashed by Aldous he can immediately ultimate to a safe place. However, if a friend is locked, hurry over and help to finish him off easily.


This hero has a fairly large defense too, almost like a hero tank. That way, Chou is also very suitable when compared with Aldous. But if there are reinforcements, friends or turrets. Because this one hero relies on his CC to stop Aldous's movement, not to finish it alone.


No need to worry about Aldous's deadly skills. If you are used to it, then Lancelot's second skill timing can avoid the skills launched by Aldous, and the damage he receives is quite large through this skill. If you are really pressed, you can use skill 1 or ultimate to escape.


Equally banned for now, but if released all then the chance of Lunox to win is big enough. Because the Lunox attack is long distance and of course Aldous will have difficulty approaching him.


Although somewhat strange in ranked mode, Argus actually still has enough deadly strength, this hero can stop Aldous because his immortal skills will not be afraid of being crushed by Aldous's impact.

That's the fifth hero guys who can be a match for Aldous in the game Mobile Legends. Have a nice play.