5 Important Tips to Play Chess Rush

Chess Rush is an auto-battler game released by Tencent. Like other auto-battlers, this game requires a special strategy because there are many things to consider when you compete with various opponents. For that, we provide five important tips that will help you in mastering the game.

5 Tips Penting Bermain Chess Rush

5 Tips on Chess Rush

1. Synergy and Formation

In playing Chess Rush, the thing you need to pay attention to is the synergy between classes and species. This synergy will create a buff that can be used to strengthen the pawn or hero you use. For example, you have Goblin Species. If you have three or six with the same species (Goblin), you will get a buff in the form of increased attack speed.

Besides synergy, you also need the right formation to win a battle. This formation affects how strong the hero or pawn you use in attacking or defending.

2. Maximize Mana Crystal

You can get an extra Mana Crystal bonus in this game, for example, you have 1-10 Mana Crystal, you can get 1 extra Mana Crystal.

So, if you have 11-20 Mana Crystals available to spend, you get 2 extra Mana Crystals, if you have 21-30, you get 3 extra Mana Crystals, and if you have 31-40, you will get 4 extra Mana Crystal.

You can see the amount of Mana Crystal you have in the upper right side of the screen. Next, to it, you will see a purple "+ X" showing the amount of Mana Crystal that you get after passing the ongoing stage.

Winning or losing streaks can also give you a Mana Crystal bonus, so you have to know when you have to win or when you have to lose.

3. Adapt

What does it mean? If you get a lot of Furry units in the beginning, then you can use these units to be the core unit of your game.

If you get a lot of Assassins, then you can start gathering synergies from Assassin units. Sometimes if you don't have a gameplan, you have to make one in the middle of the game and herein lies the main attraction of Chess Rush.

4. Maximize the Hero

Even though the three-star unit is very, very powerful, that doesn't mean you have to be in a hurry to look for three stars. It's precisely the synergy between classes and species is more important than the three-star hero. Maximize every hero you get by combining it with synergy or hero with a higher class.

No matter how strong your three-star hero, if the hero is basically a regular hero, he will be easily defeated by rare or legendary heroes who are two or one stars.

5. Continue to Experiment

This last part seems useless because Chess Rush has provided the best hero arrangement for the possibilities you have. But actually what happens in the match is not necessarily in accordance with the arrangement. You might lose important components that should be the key to your formation.

For this reason, it's a good idea to continue experimenting with all the heroes and strange formations. The goal, of course, is that you can adapt to all the possibilities that you will encounter in the game.