5 Locations Find a Helicopter in PUBG Mobile

In the latest PUBG Mobile update, or rather in patch 0.14.0, Tencent Games features several helicopters on PUBG Mobile.

5 Locations Find a Helicopter in PUBG Mobile

this helicopter reportedly can be used by PUBG Mobile players to add exciting games.

Currently, the helicopter cannot be used, but you can find several helicopters on the map. Now, where are the helicopter locations in PUBG Mobile? Come, see below.

1. Erangel: Pochinki

The location of the first helicopter is in Pochinki, which is on the erangel map. The helicopter is in the corner of the bush. You will not be familiar with this place, so surely you will be able to find it easily.

2. Erangel: Severny

Still, in the Erangel map, the location of the second helicopter is precisely located in the city of Severny. That is located at the tip of the city next to a large T-junction close to the beach.

3. Miramar: Los Leones

The location of the next helicopter is in the most extensive map on PUBG Mobile, which is in Miramar. The position of the helicopter is near or on the edge of the two large warehouse buildings.

You can find the helicopter in the southern part of this location. So, make sure you head to the lower left of Los Leones to see the helicopter.

4. Sanhok: Camp Alpha

The location of the fourth helicopter is in the Sanhok map, precisely near the temple or in the middle of the temple. This temple is located near Camp Alpha which has high rock cliffs.

5. Vikendi: Cosmodrome

The location of the last helicopter is in the Cosmodrome in the Vikendi map. Precisely in the middle of the Cosmodrome building.

The position of the helicopter is quite clear because its location is very clearly seen in the middle of the Cosmodrome building. Unfortunately, the helicopter could not be driven at this time. As if the object is only as a display in the folder only.