5 Most Deadly Tank-Mage Duets in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: GG Build It TipsIn a team on Mobile Legends, you must pay attention to the role of each hero. Choose a hero with complementary skills. With the right communication and skill execution, your chances of winning will be even greater. Likewise with the role of Mage and Tank, as much as possible choose a hero who has a combination of deadly skills.

5 Most Deadly Tank-Mage Duets in Mobile Legends

With a powerful combination when teamfighted, these two heroes play an important role in defeating enemy heroes. Who are they? Come on, see the review below!

1.Franco - Pharsa

As a Mage, Pharsa is equipped with powerful magical abilities on his ultimate skill, the Feathered Air Strike. But the weakness of this skill is that the enemy can immediately avoid it when you remove the ultimate. It will be different when Franco is on your team. With the Iron Hook skill, Franco was able to attract enemies and immediately made no move with his ultimate skill, Brutal Massacre. Guaranteed in a few seconds, the enemy was immediately killed.

Coordination and training are needed to be able to execute this deadly skill. Especially Iron Hook Franco, who has a high chance of missing. But once you've been smooth, guaranteed victory will be easier to achieve.

2. Tigreal - Aurora

Tigreal is one hero who is not popular at this time. Considered weak and not having a high attack power, making these knights began to be abandoned by fans. In fact, Tigreal is equipped with excellent disable skills. When the enemy doesn't move, it's time for the hero with the biggest damage on your team to show off. One of the duets that match Tigreal is Aurora. This ice queen has a masterful ulti skill.

When Tigreal successfully traps a group of enemies with the Implosion skill when the team fight, with a careful calculation of time, Aurora must immediately issue the Coldness Destroy skill. This combination proved to be very deadly, especially in late games when Aurora already has powerful magic power.

3. Grock - Valir

Now Grock is one of the most nosy tanks in Mobile Legends. Armed with high durability and immune effects from the effects of CC, Grock is a tank that fond of rioting. One suitable pair for Grock in the battle is Valir. Yep, right now Valir isn't too bright with the presence of other Mages, but Valir has the right skills combined with Grock.

In a team fight, Grock can first issue the Guardian’s Barrier skill to limit the opponent's space, then immediately hit with his ultimate skill, Wild Charge. At the same time, Valir can beat the enemy with his Searing Torrent skill and his ultimate, Hellfire. Because the enemy is in a condition blocked by a wall from Grock, they will not be pushed by skill 2 from Valir and can do more damage when hit by Hellfire.

4. Johnson - Odette

Whoever experienced it when you were absorbed in farming, suddenly you were hit by Johnson. This is one of the most exciting things. Especially if the pilot Johnson is bad, don't expect to be able to escape death. Do you want to know something more nosy? If Johnson brings a Mage passenger named Odette, your life won't last long. The combination of these two heroes is one of the deadliest duets. When you can't move after being hit by Johnson's Rapid Touchdown skill, Odette suddenly appears who immediately exits the Swan Song skill. If executed properly, it is guaranteed that five opposing heroes will immediately be beaten.

5. Minotaur - Alice

For those who like to play the role of Tank as well as Support, Minotaur is one of the best choices at this time. With hard-to-penetrate endurance and skill 2 that can restore a friend's cellphone, the Minotaur is one of the glowing tanks of the moment. But not only useful in defensive conditions, but the Minotaur also plays an important role in launching attacks. With the Minoan Fury ultimate skill, this one hero can knock out many enemies in one strike. This condition is ideal for launching the strongest attack from your hero. One choice you can fall on Alice.

This Blood Demon is very dangerous when it has released the Blood Ode skill. With this skill, Alice can "suck" the enemy's blood while dealing large amount of magic damage. Unfortunately, when removing the ultimate, Alice is very susceptible to the effects of CC. Well, this is where the Minotaur comes in. With the Minoan Fury skill, the enemy will be paralyzed for a few seconds and will not be able to ward off Alice's ultimate skill.

That was five hero duos that you can learn. Having complementary abilities, their skill combination becomes a scourge because it can deal enormous damage. Lunox