5 of the most exciting cooking games on Android

If we talk about cooking, maybe what comes to mind are figures like Chef Marinka, Chef Juna, even Gordon Ramsay. They can not only be fierce to the cooking contestants but also experts in processing delicious dishes that only we can only enjoy the visuals on the screen.

5 of the most exciting cooking games on Android

In fact, you don't have to be a chef like them so you can cook well. If you really can't cook, at least you can train through Android-themed cooking games. Moreover, there are so many variations of cooking games that are ready to provide a different playing experience.

Here is a list of the most exciting cooking games that you can play on an Android smartphone!

1. World Chef

The level of difficulty playing cooking games actually does not require you to have special skills. You just have to be smart at managing time to serve the food you ordered. At that point, maybe you will not consider this game as a serious game. Well, now try to download and follow each stage in this Android game.

In this game released by Social Point, you aren't just told to cook. Yep, there are also demands to manage restaurants, ranging from grocery shopping, adding tables, recruiting chefs, and arranging decorations. The more tables and food menus, the more difficult it feels to finish the game.

2. Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

From the name of the game, maybe you already feel that one of the skills that will be tested through this game is speed and accuracy. Yep, you guys definitely remember the fierce chef figure on this one. Get ready because the famous chef through the reality show titled MasterChef will also make your kitchen busy and attacked by panic!

Not only cooking, but you are also required to build restaurants and expand the place to the whole world. An indicator of the success of playing this game is judged by the increasing number of restaurants that you open. This Android game can be played for free even though there are advertisements and in-app purchases that may interfere during the game.

3. Cooking Mama's Let's Cook!

For those of you who aren't serious about playing Android games to the end, this game offers a more relaxed game. In addition to the cute graphics, this game focuses more on various types of recipes that you can try to make. You have to collect your own food ingredients, like catching fish and buying vegetables at the market, and of course, making a restaurant.

In the game Cooking Mama Let’s Cook !, there are many mini-games that can be tried with various combinations of cooking recipes such as steaming or baking cakes. This Android game is available free. However, you may be tempted to level up soon. Get ready to spend money to buy in-game upgrades, yeah!

4. Cooking Adventure

The experience of playing through this Cooking Adventure game is actually the most complete. However, you need an internet connection to play it, it's better to use Wi-Fi. You can choose all types of food, such as sushi, coffee, pasta, donuts, ramen, Korean cuisine, burgers, seafood, and even ice cream.

In the Cooking Adventure game, you can also control the control of kitchen equipment. If you are addicted to playing this Android game, at the very beginning you might be in a hurry to get an in-app purchase to speed up the cooking process. This game can still be played free even if there are a few advertisements.

5. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Is there anyone in the world who doesn't like pizza? This game is quite popular with light graphics, but the gameplay is fun. Before you download it from the Play Store, there is a warning that this game is challenging. So, don't expect to win easily, yes.

In this game, you are required to make pizza in accordance with orders from visitors. There are various characters of customers with different types of orders and difficult to understand. Don't forget, there is a time limit, you know!

Making pizza might look easy until you feel the sensation of playing games in the kitchen. Good Pizza game developer, Great Pizza had actually made pizza for four years. So, the state of the kitchen to the process of cooking the pizza that you play will reflect the situation properly in the actual kitchen.