5 Offensive Items DOTA Underlords that are Guaranteed to Be Very Sick!

Item is one of the most important things in the DOTA Underlords game because the items you have can make the hero stronger.

5 Offensive Items DOTA Underlords that are Guaranteed to Be Very Sick!

Well, there are three types of items in this game, namely global, support and offensive. This time I will discuss offensive items.

What offensive items do you have to have in DOTA Underlords? Following the review.

1. Moon Shard

This is one of the tier 4 items that have advantages in terms of attack speed. Moon Shard will make the hero faster with the addition of attack speed of +80.
By using this item, a hero who relies on speed when attacking will certainly be very fast. Medusa is a hero who will become very fast when using this item.

2. Mask of Madness

This item has a status of 20% lifesteal and additional attack speed of +60. Tier 3 items that have lifesteal abilities and also attack speed you must have because they will be very useful in the game. This Mask of Madness will be very useful if you inject it into Shadow Fiend.

3. Eye of Skadi

The item that is most suitable for attacking is Eye of Skadi because this item will make the hero have additional health of +400 while on enemies this item will make it slow.
You could say Eye of Skadi is an item intended for attack and also as a support for the hero you play.

4. Bloodthor

Bloodthor is an item that has the ability to add +70 attack damage when an enemy hero has 75% more mana. This item can also make enemies silenced for 5 seconds and deal 140% critical damage.

5. Helm of the Undying

The last is a tier 2 item called Helm of the Undying. This item will give an additional +5 armor to the hero you are using and when your hero runs out of HP, Helm of the Undying will delay the hero from dying for 4 seconds, very useful right?

That's 5 offensive items in the DOTA Underlords game that will make your hero more stable.