5 Weak Pawns That Are Never Taken to Be Purchased in the Chess Rush

As an auto-battler game, Chess Rush provides a large selection of pawn characters. Inside there is a synergy of ties and abilities that encourage them to form a game. Not infrequently some of them appear strong if they have synergy, but less shining when compared to other pawns.

Chess Rush

Curious what are the weak pawns in Chess Rush that you don't need to buy? Check out my narrative below!

1. Sirens

You could be tempted by the ability of Sirens to pawn enemies. Unfortunately, this ability only comes out if it is successfully filled.

Because the majority of Assassins like Sirens have thin blood, they are very at risk of dying first before their abilities come out. Moreover, the Oceanborn race is also one of the less desirable synergies because the effect only adds to magic resistance.

2. Frost Lotus

Every Sorcerer in Chess Rush was indeed destined to have enormous magical abilities. Unfortunately, Frost Lotus is the weakest because this pawn is in the lowest tier.

His Frozen Storm can't be released quickly. In addition, this ice storm only gives a very short slow effect, which is only three seconds.

3. Hog Rider

Actually, Hog Rider is one of the special pawns that have three synergies, namely Goblin, Rider, and Hunter. Unfortunately, the ability of this pawn is very bear.

Hog Rider can only Charge if he dies in battle. Although the distance shot is far, usually the Hog Rider made casualties in the initial game. His stun effect also only affects one pawn and has no effect for too long.

4. Bionic Ninja

Bionic Ninja might appear strong because the ability of his Energy Blade can be quite destructive. Unfortunately, one of these Assassins has a fairly weak race attribute.

In comparison, Cyborgs synergy is arguably the weakest. If they complete six characters, they can only add defense effects to all Cyborgs classes. It is strongly recommended not to buy this pawn if you do not intend to complete all Assassins or Cyborgs.

5. Void: Doom Nebula

Every legendary pawn in Tier 5 generally has a deadly ability. Even so, Void Doom Nebula was arguably the one that didn't have the most impact. This is because the Void synergy he owns can only function if there is a Void: Destruction in the field.

In addition to its ability to be difficult to remove, this Void Meteor does not have burst damage so there is a possibility that the enemy will win the battle first.