5 Positive and Negative Effects of Playing Mobile Legends, Anything?

When hearing about the effects of playing the Mobile Legends game, surely we will automatically assume that the effects have a negative impact. In fact, there are also positive effects that we can get from playing the Mobile Legends game.

Mobile Legends

Curious? Come on, see the positive and negative effects of playing Mobile Legends that you must know!

1. Optimization of Brain Function

Playing Mobile Legends while not overdoing it can help optimize brain function. Yep, strategy games have certain aspects such as brain plasticity, learning, attention, and vision that can fight brain diseases.

2. Educational Facilities

Still related to the previous point, Mobile Legends has many features that can have a positive impact on the workings of the brain in accessing information.

The aspects of learning that are wrapped in the form of strategy games are certainly more interesting than the aspects of learning in written form.

3. Disrupting Social Interaction

In addition to the positive effects, the Mobile Legends game also has a negative impact. One of them is disrupting social interaction. When we are busy playing Mobile Legends which incidentally gives an opiate effect, we often forget about the surrounding conditions.

Ignorance of the conditions around this that will interfere with social interaction with others.

4. Increase expenses

The Mobile Legends game is indeed included in the free game 'free'. In fact, Mobile Legends uses the 'free to premium' business model, which you can play for free, but must be willing to pay some money to access extra features.

Not a few of the players who finally gave up money to get extra features.

5. Sleep Problems

This one effect has often been experienced by Mobile Legends players. Playing before going to bed has even become part of the routine. This is what causes sleep patterns to become irregular.