5 Right Throwing Grenades at PUBG Mobile

Who is the PUBG Mobile player who often fails to throw grenades? Well, it turns out throwing a grenade is not as easy as you imagine. Then, how to throw a grenade correctly?

5 Right Throwing Grenades at PUBG Mobile

Some of the PUBG Mobile pro players are sharing tips on throwing the right grenade. What are the correct grenade throwing tips? Come, see below.

1. Calculate enemy distance

You must know the position of the enemy and calculate the distance. Well, for a very far position, you can throw a grenade while running. But, to be able to follow these tips you must practice diligently.

2. Throw at a 45-degree angle

The 45 Drajat angle is the best angle when you want to throw a grenade. As well as the physics of the angles will make the range of the throw even farther away, so you can make grenade throws at very far enemies.

3. Throw with low-toss for close enemies

For enemies at close range, do it at the same angle, which is 45 degrees. But, you have to use the low-toss method. Low-toss throws will hit nearby enemies more accurately.

4. Take advantage of the environment

The environment is very important to consider when playing this PUBG Mobile. For example, when you know the enemy is behind space, you can bounce a grenade against a wall.

5. Throw a grenade first when you want to storm the house

When you are going to invade enemies inside a house or building, it helps you throw a grenade first. The purpose of throwing a grenade is to divert the attention of the enemy so that you can immediately finish off the enemy.

That's the easy tips for throwing grenades at PUBG Mobile. However, you must continue to practice, yes.