5 Tips to Save Until Rich in Chess Rush!

In the auto-battler-themed game, players must be able to maintain the economy to buy a pawn. In Chess Rush, there are some interesting differences regarding pawn prices, levels, and developments. This makes some game patterns have an impact on the game. 

5 Tips to Save Until Rich in Chess Rush!

Do you also want to know the tricks to be able to rule the board in Chess Rush?

1. Buy a Tier 1 Pawn First

You might know of a Tier 1 pawn that costs 1 Gem. When rising stars, the price of this pawn when sold will not be reduced. For that, do not be diligent in buying Tier 1 pawns in the first 15 rounds. Later you can sell this pawn freely when the focus is at further synergy. What is important, the pawns in the initial wave must appear strong in order to reduce the enemy's destructive power.

2. Don't Hurry Up Level 5

In the first 10 rounds, we will have the opportunity to level up 4 to 5 by buying EXP using Gems. If examined, when we move up to levels 4 and 5 the possibility of finding Tier 1 pawns will become even more difficult. This is very annoying because Tier 1 pawns have a very big chance to progress to 3 stars so it is better to keep the level slowly.

3. Not Saving Much at the Beginning of the Game

You might be tempted to save up to 50 Gems. The key to being able to hold out until you get a big injection of funds after saving is to be patient and not in a hurry. If you survive and immediately save up to 50 Gems, it is very likely that you lose a lot of hit points. Wait for this method is usually easier to use above round 10 or 15.

4. Don't Shop at Monster Rounds

Monsters that will appear every 5 rounds make a good round to save. Make sure that your savings are at least reduced from a multiple of 10 Gems. This way, after the round of monsters you will gain interest. Always pay attention to rounds and count the possibility of saving close to this round of monsters!

5. Pay Attention to Gems

When trying to save up to 50 Gems, it is important for players to manage the economy as well as possible. You should be able to pay attention to the acquisition of Gems every round of existing savings. For example, when we get 32 ​​Gems, we can lock in the acquisition first because in the next round we will get 8 Gems. This way, it only takes 2 rounds to immediately reach 50 Gems!

Well, now you know, right, the best way to save Gems in Chess Rush? Don't repeat mistakes, ok!