7 Best Weapons in Free Fire, Able to Create Victories

Free Fire is a Battle Royale type battle game that requires players to be able to survive to become winners by killing and conquering other players. This game is almost the same as PUBG and Fortnite, where players are deployed from the plane and land as desired.

7 Best Weapons in Free Fire, Able to Create Victories

In this game, players must also look for weapons and medical devices to be able to survive and fight other players. Each weapon found certainly has different abilities, there are ordinary abilities, there are also very deadly with great damage. The following 7 Free Fire weapons are appropriate for you to use to always be BOOYAH!

7 Best Free Fire Weapons to Create Victory

M1014 Shotgun

This first weapon is greatly feared when at close range because if a player can use it well, it can win easily. Even if the shot is hit by an enemy, guaranteed the enemy is immediately killed.


This weapon is very deadly, where once a shot hit by the head can kill his opponent. However, this weapon has a low shooting speed.


Having the firing speed of SKS, this weapon also has a default silencer to make the gunshot sound inaudible. However, this weapon still has not too much damage, but to attack repeatedly, this weapon is its flagship.


M14 also has considerable damage and can be used for near and far distances. Even with a few shots, the enemy can fall, but this weapon has a very slow shooting speed.


Has great damage and firing speed is quite fast, making this weapon widely used in Free Fire. And if you meet a player who is carrying this weapon, then don't expect to escape, unless you use a Shotgun.


This weapon has quite high damage and is used for close range, but if you use it from a distance, and you shoot it continuously, then the bullet will not be straight on the target, because the recoil of this weapon is very hard.


This last weapon is a lethal long-range weapon, the article is very large damage and only requires 2-3 shots can defeat the enemy.

Now that's 7 of the best Free Fire Weapons that you deserve to use to always be BOOYAH!