Advantages and Weaknesses of Hero Gusion Mobile Legends

Using hero types of assassins in the mobile game Legends is indeed not easy but also not difficult, one of the most favored by users and is often used is the mobile legends hero. Having deadly damage loads Gusion into a formidable killing machine.

Advantages and Weaknesses of Hero Gusion Mobile Legends

However in addition to having advantages, Gusion certainly also has weaknesses. If the users are not careful in using it, this hero is very easy to die because there is not much HP, following the advantages and disadvantages of Gusion.

The excellence of Hero Gusion Mobile Legends

Using a hero who has an assassin type must have a high level of mastery, one of which is when using Gusion in the legends mobile game. Owned skills are quite unique but very dependent on skills to attack the enemy, following the superiority of Gusion.

1. Deadly Skill
Gusion's skills are among the hero skills in mobile legends that are deadly. Some of these skills are very supportive to finish off the opponents quickly, especially if you face a hero with the type of marksman or mage who is a hero with a thin HP.

2. Short Cooldown
Besides having high damage and also deadly, Gusion is also equipped with a short or relatively short skill cooldown. One of them is the ultimate skill owned by Gusion, this skill is able to provide a cooldown reset so that it is able to move places that make the enemy confused.

3. Rely on Magic Damage
Gusion is also an assassin hero who relies on magic damage besides Karina, magic damage is used as a source of damage to this hero. Special defense items with magic resistance are very limited and small in number, especially when facing Gusion which has high burst damage.

4. Have Good Mobility
Two of his skills, namely Sword Spike and Incandescence, this Gusion mobile legends hero is able to move quickly. It also makes it easy for this hero to escape from the pursuit of the enemy or vice versa, ie when Gusion is chasing his enemy.

Weaknesses Hero Gusion Mobile Legends

In addition to some of the advantages possessed do not think that this hero has no weaknesses. Although classified as a hero assassin, Gusion has a number of weaknesses that make it do not move before the opponent or his enemies in the game.

1. Very Thin HP and Armor
Gusion is a hero assassin with very thin or little HP and Armor, this is one of the weaknesses that need to be aware of for users. It is highly recommended to use this hero as the opening game, given the shortcomings that have made him quickly die.

2. Rely Buff
Just like heroes with other assassin types, Gusion is also very dependent on buffs. This is because the hero is more efficient in using skills at the beginning of a match or game. If without using a buff, users will find it difficult to defend and attack the enemy.

3. Beginners Please Be Patient
Despite having many advantages, there are consequences that must be borne by users, especially beginners. Hero Gusion is arguably very unfriendly for beginners, in maximizing all potential when fighting requires the right position and time.

4. Wasteful Mana
Just like other assassin heroes, Gusion is also very wasteful. That's why this hero really needs mana. Especially for users, especially beginners this can be used as more attention when you use Gusion.