Apex Legends Showcases New Characters, Crypto!

Respawn Entertainment has just announced a new Legend that will join Apex Legends, namely Crypto. The character was announced in conjunction with the announcement of Season 3.

Apex Legends Crypto (Dexerto)

Reported by IGN, like the previous character, Respawn also released the trailer Stories from the Outlands which tells the story of a battle outside the battle royale. This time the trailer is titled Forever Family which tells about the background of Crypto.

Crypto itself is told as a fugitive man because he accidentally found a secret document. As a result he changed his identity and appearance and hid behind the battlefield.

Season 3 Apex Legends is rumored to begin on October 1, 2019 under the name Meltdown. Until now there is still no other information about additional features and events that will be presented in that season.

The specialty of the Crypto character itself is seen from the drones that follow it. The drone itself is said to be useful both for fighting and hiding.

Crypto is said to have a passive ability that is useful for sharing information from its list to its team members. Whereas the ultimate, is an EMP explosion that destroyed all electronic equipment.

Unfortunately information about Crypto has been leaked for a long time just like the previous Legends, Octane.

Hopefully in the future Respawn is more reliable in maintaining the data they have so it does not leak.