Be The Strongest And Fastest In Free Fire With These Three Character Skills

In addition to playing skills, character skills are also very influential to get Booyah when playing the Free Fire game. These skills can be obtained from Free Fire characters with their respective advantages. 

Be The Strongest And Fastest In Free Fire With These Three Character Skills

But there are some Free Fire character skills that when combined and focused will give a very beneficial effect on the player.

Free Fire Character Skill

All players can focus on the Skill that will be used in accordance with the character they have. From focusing on characters to be fast and agile to focusing characters so they have strong resilience. Here are tips on combining character skills to become the fastest and strongest in Free Fire.

High speed and agility

For players who want to rely on speed and agility when in the Free Fire game, you can focus on the character skills that will be used like character skills owned by Kelly, Caroline, and Misha.

- Kelly character skills will increase running speed.
- Caroline's character skills increase running speed when using Shotgun weapons.
- Misha's character skills increase driving speed.

When using the three-character skills above, you have focused your character on speed and agility. To feel the benefits, also use a shotgun and drive the vehicle that is available in solo, duo or squad mode.

In Duo or Squad mode, players can take the role of disrupting the opponent's attack and also as a distraction to the opponent if you use the three skills above. With the speed that results from using these three skills, players can easily confuse the opponent's attention and can also avoid the opponent's attack quickly.

For solo mode, players must also use a shotgun and vehicle to feel the effects of the skills used. The method of attack that can be used is to search for enemies by driving a car and immediately go down to attack when finding an enemy.

Has Strong Resilience

In order to have strong endurance or arguably make a tanker character, players can fill three skill slots with the character skills Andrew, Antonio, and Miguel.

- Andrew's character skill reduces the level of vest damage.
- Antonio's character skill gets Extra HP when the Match starts.
- Miguel character skill gets an EP when doing Kill.

In Duo or Squad mode, players can take the role of opening an attack or as a player who takes the front position when facing an attack from an enemy. With the durability and extra Extra HP generated from the three skills above, of course, the opponent will be difficult to defeat players who use these three skills.

When using these three skills in solo mode, it is not recommended that players attack opponents in an open area. It's best to hide inside existing buildings and always do melee attacks. As much as possible avoid long-range battles, because players don't have the speed to avoid attacks from enemies.