BOOYAH, Know These 4 Hidden Places in Free Fire!

Free Fire is a Battle Royale game that simulates the user as a person who will survive the opponents in the game. In this game, players will be deployed from a plane to an island large enough in which there are buildings and weapons that can be used to stay alive.

BOOYAH, Know These 4 Hidden Places in Free Fire!

As it is known that each Battle Royale game itself certainly has a secret place that can be used by players to hide, including Free Fire, it turns out it also has a secret location that is rarely known to players, even though in that place also provides quite a lot of scattered loot. Curious? Immediately, see the review here.

4 Secret Places in the Free Fire Game


At this location, you not only find lots of loot but a secret place. Even players can also go up on the roof in the warehouse around the Shipyard. To be able to access to that location, if you jump over the yellow stairs at the foot of the crane at the Shipyard location.

Rim Nam Village

Next, this is in a village on the water, the Rim Nam Village. Many players avoid this place, even though in the village there are a lot of high-level loot and some secret places that can be used to ambush other players, such as sneaking in between a leaning boat.

Mars Electric

This location is also rarely visited by players, even though there is a lot of loot here and there are pools of water that look empty to be able to ambush other players. You can use your old vehicle's tires to take a long leap so you can climb to the edge of the pool.


The final location is Pochinok. Where this location provides a lot of loot, but the enemy also rarely come here because they think if the location in the middle of a lot of enemies, so they go to the outskirts to play safe. However, please note that this location is the safest, try to find a tall, dark green building and go upstairs, then prepare a long-range weapon.

Those are some secret places in Free Fire that you need to know about. May be useful!