Bring Swingers and Mini Turret Present at Advance Server Free Fire

Some time ago, Free Fire has presented a variety of new things through the June patch update to enliven the main server of this game. New things are of course not only present on the main server. For those of you who are lucky to be able to access the Advanced Server, there are several updates that you can also find on that server.


Free Fire indeed recently presented the Advance Server service. For those of you who don't know, Advanced Server is a special server that can only be accessed by selected players. If you are lucky to get access to Advanced Server, you have the opportunity to try various new features before being released on the main server.

In the June update, Free Fire presents a new weapon called the Gattling Gun. The weapon is capable of firing up to 1,200 bullets quickly. If the main server gets a Gattling Gun, the Advance Server also has a new weapon called Mini Turret.

Unlike the usual weapons, Mini Turret is not the type of weapon that can be carried by your character in the game. This large weapon is equipped with a stand, so it can stand alone. If the enemy approaches the Mini Turret, this weapon will fire bullets automatically at the enemy.

In addition to new weapons, Advance Server Free Fire is also enlivened by the latest mode, namely, Bring Swingers. In this mode, you can also find two new items, namely Brick Grenade and Grappling Hook.

With Brick Grenade, you can make towers made of bricks. This item is more or less similar to the Gloo Wall. Then, what is the function of Grappling Hook? If you have built a tower of Brick Grenades, you can use this item to reach higher ground. Besides towers, you can also reach other high-rise buildings with Grappling Hook.

Well, you have to start preparing to welcome the arrival of these new items on the main server Free Fire.