Build Hero Bruno hurts after Revamp in Mobile Legends

Who doesn't know the hero Bruno on Mobile Legends? This Marksman was once an idol in the Land of Dawn. But, behind this prestige began to fade because of the emergence of new heroes. However, Bruno now added revamp skills and made them even more horrified. But it requires the use of builds. This time we will discuss the build hero Bruno.

Build Hero Bruno hurts after Revamp in Mobile Legends

Now, with this revamp, of course, you need the right build so that Bronu is more terrible in battle.

The following build Bruno hero is hurt after revamping in Mobile Legends. Come, see below:

1. Demon Shoes

The first build that you must use is Demon Shoes because it can make Bruno more agile at the beginning of the game.

In addition, with the addition of regeneration, you can spam 1 skill. Skill 1 Volley Shot can also give a large damage boosting in the early game and can produce 450 - 850 damage.

2. Berserker Fury

The next build is the Berserker Fury which can provide an additional critical chance to Bruno by 25 percent and critical damage will increase by 40 percent.

3. Scarlet Phantom

You can also use the Scarlet Phantom to add attack speed by 20 percent. In addition, the critical chance will also increase by 25 percent.

4. Windtalker

This build can provide 40 percent attack speed and 10 percent critical damage. In addition, the passive effect of this build will also deal with 100 magical damage to your opponent.

5. Endless Battle

This build can provide additional cooldown reductions, HP and lifestyle effects of up to 15 percent.

Well, that's the list of build Bruno on Mobile Legends after getting revamped.