Build Hero Franco Mobile Legends items, Tanker with Great Damage!

Franco is a Tanker hero in Mobile Legends. Yep, this hero is known to have great damage. Well, even though there are already many new heroes, Franco is still quite calculated.

Build Hero Franco Mobile Legends items, Tanker with Great Damage!

Well, this is building Franco's hero items in Mobile Legends. Come, see below:

1. Bloodlust Ax

At the beginning of the game, you have to buy Bloodlust Ax so that Franco can last longer in the game.

The skill will give a large spell vamp, especially Fury Shock because it gets extra damage from Franco's max HP.

In addition, the Brutal Massacre can help restore HP when the enemy tries to gang up.

2. Rapid Boots

To synchronize his passive skills, Rapid Boots can be an item for Franco who is fast and can terrorize enemies.

Demon Shoes can also be an option. But if you have an additional max HP at the same time to collect money at the beginning of the game with assists, Wizard Boots can be purchased before the Bloodlust Ax.

3. Blade of the Heptaseas

Franco's skill is physical damage, so Blade of the heptaseas will be very good for Franco. This item will add physical attacks.

This item will also provide max HP that is needed by Franco to increase Fury Shock damage.

Blade of the Heptaseas will also make enemies lose defense, especially if the enemies are not Tanker heroes.

4. Cursed Helmet

This item will help Franco produce more damage. This Cursed Helmet gives a very large max HP and magic resistance, which will certainly add damage to Fury Shock.

This item also deals great damage to nearby enemies.

5. Thunder Belt

Large Max HP can be maximized with this item. After using the skill, Franco's attack deals damage from max HP, and also the slow effect will make it hard for enemies to escape.

This Thunder Belt also has a very short cooldown, only 1.5 seconds. Plus max HP stats and cooldown reduction will be needed for spam skills while increasing damage from the Thunder Belt and Fury Shock.

6. Blade of Despair

Finally, Blade of Despair will make Franco's damage very painful. This item will add physical attacks which certainly also add Franco damage.
Only with Fury Shock, Franco can immediately finish off enemies whose HP is below 50% especially not Tanker heroes.

Well, that is Franco's hero build items in Mobile Legends. Please try.