Build Hero Masha Items in Mobile Legends, These Must Be Used!

Moonton has just launched a new hero on Mobile Legends with a ferocious look. is Masha the Winter Guard which was released on 18 September 2019 on Public Server. Well, this time I will discuss building Masha's hero items.

Build Hero Masha Items in Mobile Legends, These Must Be Used!

Well, what are the Masha hero build items that must be used to maximize his abilities and skills? Come, see below.

1. Warrior Boots

For you Mobile Legends players, of course, you already understand the essence of selecting this item compared to other shoes.

Warrior Boots is one of the mandatory items owned by Masha because it has an additional Defense Point of 22 with the addition of his Movement Speed ​​which will be boosted by 40 points.

In addition, the Valor's passive effect from this item will increase Masha's physical defense by 5-25 points at random from each attack he receives. Surely this will make Masha have a good defense at the beginning of the game.

2. Corrosion Scythe

This golden crescent-shaped item with a greenish aura is one of Masha's Core Items in Mobile Legends to maximize its capabilities.

This 2050 Gold item has the attribute + 25% Attack Speed, +50 Physical Attack and additional Movement ability by 5%.

Passive ability in the form of Corrosion will make your enemy slow down every time you hit your Basic Attack and Impulse will make your attack speed increase by 8% with a Stack 5x. This item will make it easier for you to make enemies difficult to escape from Masha's safest.

3. Demon Hunter Sword

This black sword-shaped item with sharp spines around it was one of the items that would boost the ability of the Lifesteal that had been embedded in Masha through his skill 1.

Of course, this Devour effect will add to his Lifesteal toning. Other attributes are +35 Physical Attack and 25% Attack Speed ​​which will make Masha faster in doing her Basic Attack.

4. Wings of Apocalypse Queen

The red wing with bright aura is also one of the Core Items Masha that will make it powerful in the game.

With the attributes of HP + 1000, +15 Physical Attack and Cool Down reduction of 10% will certainly make Masha's skill delay shorter.

Not yet finished, Demonize that its Passive ability will make you automatically reduce any physical or magical damage, skill or basic attack by 50% will make Masha able to survive the opposing team's gank.

In addition, a Lifesteal increase of 40% when your HP is below 30% will make Masha even more mobile when flooded. This is the key to the Masha item that you must use.

5. Blade of Despair

The green giant sword is the ultimate item that can massively increase Masha's attacks and even give a punch to Tank.

Passive effects that increase the value of your attacks by 25% on enemies with HP below 50% for 2 seconds will certainly make your attacks more poignant. This item also includes the +170 Physical Attack attribute and an additional 5% Movement Speed.

6. Athena Shield

Athena Shield is one of your winning items that will increase Masha's abilities and durability in surviving physical and magical attacks.

The Refuge ability of this item allows you to absorb each attack with a maximum damage of 1150 points. The attributes of this item are +900 HP, 56 Magic Res, and +20 HP Regen.

Well, that's the Masha build hero item in Mobile Legends that you can use in both Match Match and Classic Match with a 70% winning percentage.