Call of Duty Mobile Game Not Afraid to Compete with Free Fire?

Garena will officially launch the game Call of Duty Mobile in Indonesia on October 1, 2019. Interestingly, in this game, there is also a Battle Royale mode.

Call of Duty Mobile

Well, Garena actually already has a Battle Royale-themed game, which is Free Fire and is one of the best-selling games in Indonesia.

Then, is Garena not afraid of Call of Duty Mobile unable to compete with Free Fire?

Call of Duty Mobile - Garena producer Edmundo Swiyondo said that actually Call of Duty Mobile has a different segment from Free Fire

"Call of Duty Mobile itself is more famous with the multiplayer mode. And the purpose of releasing this game is to hook the FPS game lovers market in Indonesia, "said Edmundo, met at SCBD, Jakarta, Monday (09/30/2019).

Edmundo also said that to attract the Call of Duty Mobile gaming community, Garena had planned to create an eSports competition for this game.

"For eSports tournament for Call of Duty Mobile in the future there must be and we have planned it. But, for the details and official announcements we will inform you at another opportunity, "he said.

But, he does not yet know whether the eSports Call of Duty Mobile competition will use the 5v5 multiplayer mode or Battle Royale mode.

"We have not decided yet, because we are still negotiating with Activision directly," said Edmundo.

Then, because it is directly related to Activision, will the eSports Call of Duty Mobile tournament be held to the world level?

Edmundo said that it was possible for this eSports tournament to be tiered from national to world.