Can Tetris Become a New Treatment for PTSD?

Who would be good to play PTSD? I recently read an interesting study at Oxford University. This study reports that people who suffer from PTSD and play Tetris have fewer flashbacks. I have post-traumatic stress disorder, which makes perfect sense for me. I think these people are doing something.

The study included 20 people without PTSD. They were shown violent movies and divided into three groups. One group did nothing, one group played Tetris, and one group played a quiz game. The result was great. The group that did nothing did an average of 12 involuntary flashbacks. The group that played the quiz game had an average of 6 flashbacks. The Tetris group performed an average of 4 flashbacks. Imagine you have PTSD and you can play Tetris to overcome or reduce flashback.

This makes a lot of sense to me because one of the recognized and highly effective treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder is desensitization and eye movement reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR is an information therapy that includes appropriate clinical assessment and coping skills training. Do not try EMDR alone or with a non-therapist. Doing it is very harmful.

The similarities are that therapists move the patient's eyes back and forth while processing memories and thoughts. The combination of quick eye movements and other physical stimuli, and memory and sensory perception, is the key to classifying memory and sensations in which the brain is fragmented. Don't do it alone as I said.

People with PTSD usually experience distracting thoughts and memory fragmentation when processing repetitive tasks. Oxford researchers have reported that playing Tetris, planning how the blocks fall, and observing how they fall into a regular pattern is just as beneficial as EMDR therapy The

If you are doing therapy, why don't you tell the therapist about this theory and see if he or she thinks there is a well-founded logic behind it? I know that I want to talk about it.

Can you find a very effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in the form of a Nintendo game? It starts to look like this. Research and theory are certainly solid enough. After playing Tetris, Oxford men made home runs when PTSD symptoms such as unintentional flashbacks relieved.