Chess Rush Beginner Tips You Must Follow

Those of you who are new to the Auto Battler genre might get a little confused with this game. Chess Rush itself is a strategy game that is a little difficult to understand if you've never played it.

Chess Rush Beginner Tips You Must Follow

Starting from the breadth of strategies that you can use to gain an edge over enemies, it is not wrong if Chess Rush and Auto Battler are a genre that is quite complex.

For this reason, in order to help players who are having difficulty playing Chess Rush for the first time, I will give you some beginner's guides to help you win the match!

1. Maximize Interest from Gold!

If you pay attention, the Gold you have can grow and bloom and become your income in the next turn.

The interest given is 10% of the total Gold you have at the end of the turn. So it is advisable to always save Gold until deemed sufficient.

However, the interest that you can maximize is only 5 Gold. So, you don't need to save up to 50 to get more money.

No need to panic if you often lose in the beginning because of saving money. The comeback mechanism from Chess Rush is so good that you still have a chance to win!

2. Confused about Choosing a Unit? Always Follow the Game Flow from the Beginning

What does it mean? If you get a lot of Furry units in the beginning, then you can use these units to be the core unit of your game.

If you get a lot of Assassins, then you can start gathering synergies from Assassin units! Sometimes if you don't have a gameplan, you have to make one in the middle of the game!

3. Poor 3 Star Unit? Just maximize your 2-Star Hero with Synergy!

Even though 3-star units are very, very powerful, it doesn't mean that you have to be in a hurry to find 3 stars! It is precise that the synergy between classes and species is more important than the 3-star unit.

If you succeed in creating combos that are unique and unexpected to your enemy, you will most likely win easily! This happens very often and can be your main weapon in designing strategies in Auto Battler.