Chess Rush Combo Guide Using Assassin

In Chess Rush, there are synergies or combos that players can build to strengthen their team. Not infrequently the Chess Rush combo requires players to collect several pawns in order to add certain effects.

Chess Rush Combo Guide Using Assassin

One of the deadly clashes, the Assassins, is a good DPS choice in the game. Unfortunately, maybe you guys are not serious about making this character combo. Do you want to make a Chess Rush combo using Assassin?

1. Pay Attention to Front Formation

Combo Chess Rush Assassin

The Assassins are special characters who can jump into the rear formation of the opponent. We rarely fall asleep to strengthen the Assassins and forget the formation of the Tanks in front.

The Assassins are indeed powerful in damage but they have the thinnest HP. For that, make sure that you put the Assassin in the backmost plot and keep the front lines. If our defense breaks down, it is not impossible that later our attacks will be repelled.

2. Collect the Strongest Units

Combo Chess Rush Assassin

The Assassins have their own advantages. Stinger, for example, is a very large damage dealer with passive abilities. However, this character can not issue a disable and appear weak. Meanwhile, Horned Menace has the ability to stun with a considerable distance.

As a suggestion, you can gather cheap Assassin characters like Bionic Ninja first. If you're lucky, you can raise this character to three stars and will look strong towards the end of the game. In addition, you can also choose Sword Dancer because this pawn looks strong thanks to his Phantom Formation.

3. Look for Alternative Combos

Combo Chess Rush Assassin

By playing Assassin, you can find other synergies that will be useful. Undead synergy, for example, will reduce the enemy's Armor so that the opponent's character will feel vulnerable when slaughtered by the Assassins. If possible, the four Beast synergies can also be deadly because it adds damage to the Assassins.

Chess Rush combos can be very deadly if you light up a lot of synergies. Therefore it is highly recommended that you can find a balanced combination to ignite many synergies in it.

4. Pin the Item to the Strongest Character

Combo Chess Rush Assassin

In Chess Rush, the presence of items can strengthen the character we play. It is imperative to bring Critical Greatsword to increase damage and Shocking Dagger to increase attack speed.

It's good if you focus these two items on one character. Because the item rules in Chess Rush require you to increase the level of weapons of the same shape. Level 4 Critical Greatsword has a greater effect than the four items distributed to other characters.

5. Don't force a combo

Combo Chess Rush Assassin

You might be tempted to play all the Assassins. Because six synergies from Assassin have a very large additional critical. However, the combos of the six Assassins seem grandiose and very difficult to use. Especially at the beginning of the game, you will need a front line to maintain defense.

Three formations from Assassin seem more realistic. Apart from that, you can also combine alternative combos and keep the front lines stronger. If you are confident, the synergy of the six Assassins can be used towards the end of the game. Just pray that the enemy formation doesn't have the dangerous AoE ability.