(Chess Rush) Warrior Vs. Rider, Which Is More Tanky?

As a strategy-themed game, Chess Rush has a large selection of characters that you can use. Certain Race and Classes will have synergies and define playstyle. Two classes, namely Warrior and Rider appear as Tanks in the game.

(Chess Rush) Warrior Vs. Rider, Which Is More Tanky?

In comparison, which class is superior in Chess Rush? Come on, see the narrative from me!

Endure and Win

As two pawns that are equally tanky, both Warrior and Rider will be useful for defense. Their superiority can make a player's pawn formation last longer.

On the one hand, the Warriors have the ability to ward off physical type attacks while the Riders have a balanced damage reduction for physical and magical types. In this way, the Riders could be considered superior in terms of surviving the onslaught of enemy formations.

Prioritize Combos

Both Warrior and Rider have a long synergy. Both have variants and the number of characters is quite a lot. To determine which Warrior or Rider you should play, try looking again at your playing style preferences,

Both can be regarded as physical damage type dealers. For that, if you play a long synergy, it usually produces a lot of physical damage. It is important to prioritize any other combos of the synergies of the characters being played.

Other Race Synergies

When viewed from most character races, the Warriors are very suitable to develop variations of the Beasts synergy. Two Warriors, Icetusk and Werewolf have a Beast race that can be activated immediately if these two characters are used. In effect, the Warriors will have additional damage that is very useful for leveling the opponent's front formation.

Meanwhile, Riders like Dragoon and Templar Knights have a human race. Beyond that, the Riders can be juxtaposed to ignite other short Synergies such as Undead, Elf, Goblin, and Demon. For the problem of synergy, the Riders appear more flexible.

Which Is Easier to Develop?

The Warriors will be more easily developed than the Rider. Four Warrior characters appear as Tier 1 characters that are cheaper and can be obtained in the early rounds. Meanwhile, potential riders who are new Tier 3 characters can shine above round 20.

For those of you who are more practical, choosing Warriors can be very helpful. Later, if the Riders are really needed, you can sell the Tier 1 Warriors that you develop. This way, there won't be any significant loss so that the formation can also survive in some initial waves.

Style of play

These two classes will have quite different phases and styles. Judging from the type of pawns, the Warriors will easily excel in the early rounds. Meanwhile, the players who develop the Riders will shine in the middle until the end of the game.

Warrior combo players in Chess Rush must be careful not to level up too fast. In this way, the chance to develop Warrior characters from Tier 1 and 2 will be higher. Meanwhile, Rider players must be able to save quickly and raise the level of characters in order to collect the Riders in the middle of the game.

How? Do you prefer the Warriors or rather the Rider in Chess Rush?