Crazy Character A124 Free Fire, really OP!

Free Fire again presents a new character, precisely the character A124. A human half robot is suitable for you who like to play barbarians because of the unique skills possessed by A124. Curious about the advantages and unique skills possessed by this character, let's look at the following review!

Crazy Character A124 Free Fire, really OP!

One of the unique skills possessed by A124 is Thrill of Battle, a skill that is able to change EP (Energy Points) into HP (Health Points). In other words, you can play to your heart's content without medkit even and instead of using medkit you can use mushrooms because eating mushrooms will immediately add to your EP.

This skill will activate when your HP decreases after being shot by other players but if the HP A124 is in full condition then its ability to change EP to HP cannot be used. In addition, the higher the level of skill to change the EP into this HP, the HP that you can change from EP in one cooldown will also be more and more.

A124 characters are also very flexible. You can adjust this character to your playing style, for example, if you like to play AR, then you can use Paloma or if you like to play barbarians with SMD, you can use Nikita.

This character can also be paired with all the characters in Free Fire because the skill possessed by the A124 character is more towards increasing the character's sustainability than to how to play or more specific to the use of weapons when playing.

One of the other characters who can create a GG combo when paired with A124 is Maxim because Maxim has skills that can speed up when eating mushrooms and also in using a medkit.

For weapons, the A124 character is free to use any weapon, there is no specific weapon he uses. Customize it with weapons that you are used to or weapons that support your style of play.