Deadly Sniper Role Tips on Free Fire!

Do you know? Distribution of Role in Squad is one of the important things to do before the match starts. With the division of roles, players can determine the shooting and gameplay so the game can run well. Starting from the Support role, Marksman to Flanker.

Deadly Sniper Role Tips on Free Fire!

We have previously discussed other roles in full except Sniper. Then what about the role of the sniper himself? This time we will give you tips on becoming a sniper role in Free Fire. Curious? Here are the Deadly Sniper Role Tips on Free Fire! Check below.

Deadly Sniper Role Tips on Free Fire!

1. Determine the Right Location

Just like a marksman, sniper role itself has a role to kill enemies. However, by way of quietly or with a great distance. Sniper players must determine the position of sniping on the building or high ground to be able to shoot safely. The most important thing is the sniper role must have a good aim to shoot at enemies from a great distance.

2. Character Skills

The sniper role itself plays semi-aggressively in which the players must attack but must keep their distance from the enemy. Skill characters that are very suitable for sniper roles themselves are Moco or Miguel.

Moco has the skill to track the location of enemies affected by the attack. This is very useful especially to find out the location of the enemy when the enemy covers behind a tree or house. Then Miguel has the ability to replenish blood that has been lost due to enemy attacks.

3. Weapons and Equipment

His name is also a sniper role, surely must have a sniper type weapon. However, you can take weapons to protect yourself when attacked by enemies at close range. Not only that, but you also have to have Medkit to heal yourself. Besides that, you also need an airdrop summoner to find sniper rifles and level 3 equipment in the airdrop.

Now, That's Deadly Sniper Role Tips on Free Fire. If you want to be a sniper role, the first thing you must have is aim. Then you also have to have a sniper rifle that is quite difficult to find.