Family Board Game-Looking for Something New to Play?

Reasons to choose a board game

A few months ago I was looking for a little more fun and a way to actually interact with people. I love playing online PC games. Social interaction has always been fun, but since we were always away from the five states and struggling with the difficulty of when to play, we began investigating board games.

We used to play board games when we were children, but as you probably know, it was usually a monopoly and a very long game. So I started looking for other options.

The game has many great reviews, but it can be difficult to find a game that suits your needs. There are some really good websites that people can identify with the best games. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a game:

Find the right game for you

Things to keep in mind when choosing a game ...

How many players do you want to play with? Some games are for two players, others are for four players. Games for 4 players are sometimes difficult to match. In a two-player game, someone may be missing. Many of us can only play with one spouse, so we need to work in a two-player game. There are also some games designed for a single game ... for when you can't find other players but want to improve the game.
Look at the age of the player. I don't want to make a place that people are not interested in too difficult. If you are going to involve young players, you don't want a game that's over their head and they don't enjoy it. They want them to grow and enjoy playing like you, right?
Is the topic open to everyone? Some people don't like fantasies. Some people do not like war games. In some games, the elements are exactly the same, but the parts are different.
Recommendations you can get started
Here are some favorites that usually record a different number of players.


In this game, you will build a city and earn points. Each player changes each time they play to determine how they want to build the city. Earn points when you build a city. The bigger the city or item in the game, the more points you earn.


The goal of the game is to build a railway line from one city to the next. The great thing about this game is its simplicity. Get there through any number of cities. You can only do one of the following for each move: 1) Build a build that eventually pulls the train card used to create the route, charges the route with the train card in hand, or gets a new destination card to earn points for various routes I can do it. It is very fun and plays fast (usually less than an hour). The instructions are simple and the kids really enjoy the topic.

Katan pioneer

This is one of the most popular games in the world. Probably not yet played. It is just a “country” with different resources. If there is a city in the resource by rolling the dice, get that resource card. In Katan, collect resource cards for placing cities and roads. When you place a city, you will receive a resource card. If you need a specific card, you can trade with other players. So there is a lot of interaction between people every turn. You win by reaching a certain point first.


Who is interested in building cities and collecting resources? They want a good puzzle. If you like Tetris or Sudoku, this game is probably your choice. Think of it as a puzzle with checkered patterns. They have many different parts, and the goal of the game is to get everyone on the board. The trick is: You can only touch the corner of your character and other players can block you. The board is specific to the number of players, so a standard Blokus game can handle up to 4 players and an edition can handle 2 players.

Enjoy these recommendations and find one or two new games for yourself and your family. This prevents family members from watching TV or playing computer games for a period of time.