Finally Esmeralda Can Severe Nerf in Mobile Legends!

Since Moonton was officially released in the game Mobile Legends, Esmeralda immediately became a hero who became a banned or Picks subscription in the Match Match game.

Finally Esmeralda Can Severe Nerf in Mobile Legends!

Esmeralda Will Exit Meta Mobile Legends?

This is quite reasonable, the article Esmeralda has a skill that could be considered unnatural. Where this Mobile Legends hero has the ability to absorb the opponent's shield as his shield so that makes Esmeralda difficult to kill even though his blood has run out.

What's worse, this Mobile Legends hero also has high damage and durability is no less thick, so he can be used as a tanker or damage dealer in the team later.

Even though some time ago Moonton had given Nerf to Esmeralda, this hero still remained a meta in Mobile Legends. But this time, Moonton finally gave Nerf quite badly on the hero.

Whereat present, Esmeralda only gets a Half Shield of Health that is 50%. Where if this Mobile Legends hero has 5,000 Health, he will only get a maximum Shield allowance of up to 2,500, which of course makes it easier to kill later.

Previously this Mobile Legends hero was indeed known to be a hero to get in and out of a war. Enough to use skill combos 1 and skill 2 only, then this Esmeralda can even mess up an opponent without being killed.

Will remain in the latest patch later, Esmeralda players seem to have to be careful of the Mobile Legends heroes of type Marksman, Mage, or Assassin, especially in late games and they have high burst damage.

So what do you think about the Nerf received by this Mobile Legends hero? Is it enough? To be sure, then we wait until the next update appears and you prove it yourself, is it appropriate to be meta or not at this time.