Fortnite Official Collaboration with Batman!

Fortnite celebrates Batman's 80th year. Yep, Epic Games has just announced it will bring Batman into Fortnite titled Fortnite x Batman.

Fortnite x Batman

Reported by PC Gamers, in this event the players will get some items themed Batman on September 21 until October 6.

Epic Games has also launched a trailer for the Fortnite x Batman event. You can see it below:

From the trailer, there are several Batman-themed contents, such as Dark Knight Batarang, Grapnel Gun, and Bat-glider.

Here are some Batman items at Fortnite:

1. Various Batman costumes
2. Batman-themed Glider
3. Explosive Batarang, can stick to the wall and explode when there are enemies approaching
4. Grapnel Gun, like Fortnite Grappling Gun but when we use it we will automatically use a cloak like Batman.

Not only that, but Batman will also be accompanied by Catwoman in this Battle Royale game.

In addition, items Batman, Epic Games also carry the city of Gotham City which is located in Tilted Town. In this city featuring creepy architecture in Batman: Animated Series.

There are also several challenges in Gotham City. For example, 'Welcome to Gotham', whose mission is to turn on the bat signal.

Fans of the hero character from DC Comics must be very happy with the presence of Batman at Fortnite.