(Free Fire) 5 Best Landing Locations on the Bermuda Map

Like Erangel at PUBG, Bermuda is the first map on Free Fire. This tropical map is filled with various trees in each location. Before fighting, you naturally must determine which location you will go to as a landing place.

By choosing the right landing location, you will have better preparation to face the battle. Well, among all the locations in Bermuda, here are the five best landing locations. Come on, see the list!

1. Factory

Its location close to the center of the map makes the Factory one of the mandatory locations for landing. When the safe zone leads to the center of the map, you don't need to walk far to reach it.

The number of loots at the Factory is quite a lot. By landing at this location, you will be better prepared to fight. However, you must be careful. The abundant amount of loot made many other Factory also visited by other players. You have to boot faster to be ahead of other players.

2. Mill

For those of you who like to act as a sniper, you must land on the Mill. You see, you will find a variety of sniper weapons at this location. In addition, the building is large enough to make this location very appropriate to be a sniper nest.

That's why you have to be the fastest person to master the building in the Mill. Once you get the weapon and master the building, you can defeat other players outside the building. If the Mill is still in the safe zone, stay in the building to target other players who want to approach the location.

3. Cape Town

Like going down in a riot? That means you have to land in Cape Town. The high quality of the loot makes this location a favorite place for Free Fire players. In addition to the loot, Cape Town also has more buildings than other locations. If you decide to land at this location, you must be prepared for intense battles.

4. Plantation

Fans of SMG type weapons and assault rifles are strongly advised to stop by Plantation. This location provides various SMGs and assault rifles that you can take as your weaponry. In addition, its location in the middle of the map will make Plantation more often in a safe zone.

If you have mastered this location since the beginning of the game, try to stay in this location. You can wait and aim at enemies who come or pass Plantation.

5. Observatory

For old players, you might be more familiar with this location with the name Outpost. The location which was originally in the form of a military area was transformed into a place of scientific research with a new name, the Observatory.

Landing at this location is guaranteed to make you better prepared to fight until the end of the match. Because the Observatory is filled with high-quality loot. However, you must boot quickly at this location because of its position on the edge of the map.