(Free Fire) 5 Important Attachment Tips to Note!

As with most Battle Royale games, Free Fire also adds weapon accessories or what is commonly referred to as attachments. In the game, the presence of attachments is very important because it can strengthen weapons. Make sure you always try to save it, okay?

(Free Fire) 5 Important Attachment Tips to Note!

So, so that you aren't confused about attachments, I want to give you some GG tips. Take notes so you can Booyah!

1. Don't Forget to Dispose of Attachments that Are Not Used

Although attachments can be spelled out lightly, it turns out their existence can make an easy bag full, you know. You can just hook up a scope or silencer and wait for the best weapon. Even though we will not find the weapon that we are waiting for.

It's a good idea to consider what kind of weapon you want to use so you know which attachments you need to keep. One attachment can be replaced with bullets or items like the Med Kit which is more useful in combat.

2. Maximize Attachments for One Weapon

In Free Fire, we can use two weapons at once. It is very likely that you will not get high-level attachments for both weapons. That's why it's better to prioritize attachments only on one weapon first.

By attaching an attachment to one weapon, you can get a riffle with additional magazines, scopes, and a very useful muzzle. To outsmart the attachment so that it doesn't fill the bag, then you can attach the attachment to the other weapon that you carry.

3. Distinguish the Function of the Silencer and Muzzle

Two accessories mounted on the muzzle of the weapon, the silencer and muzzle have different functions, you know. There is a myth that says that silencers can also reduce recoil. In fact, only the muzzle has this function while the silencer is only useful for reducing the sound of weapons.

For rifle or SMG users, the presence of muzzle is very necessary. With the help of this attachment, you can kill enemies quickly. Meanwhile, for Sniper Rifle users, the presence of a silencer can make sniping easier.

4. Don't Use Scope

You might think that the bigger the scope, the more this attachment will function. In fact, all back again to the game. At the most standard, a scope with magnification up to 4 times is more than enough. On top of that, you can use scopes to be mounted on long-range weapons such as Sniper Rifle.

When finding a scope, don't rush to attach it to the weapon. Communicate also with other team members. Maybe they need more scope because they use long-range weapons.

5. Recognize Weapons Type

The last thing you must understand is that all weapons cannot use the same attachment. Their usefulness can improve the ability of weapons, but there are some who have got their own buff. Just look at the presence of special weapons from the crate which incidentally already has damage and fairly high status.

For those of you who have been playing for a long time, of course, there is a habit to attach attachments to certain weapons. Try to look again whether the build is right or even in vain because it does not increase the ability of weapons?