(Free Fire) 5 Tips for Using the Launchpad You Need to Know

When compared to other mobile battle royale games, Free Fire appears quite different. In the game, you can find a variety of unique items, one of which is Launchpad. You can find slipper-shaped objects in several locations on the map. To be sure, this tool is here to help players get Booyah!

(Free Fire) 5 Tips for Using the Launchpad You Need to Know

Well, what are the hell, Launchpad functions that you need to know about? Come on, see the list!

1. Tools for Moving Locations

Moving from one location to another in a map has become commonplace in the battle royale game. Usually, here, the most common way to move is to run as fast as possible or use a vehicle. Now, special on Free Fire, you can move places in a unique way.

If you want to move quickly but it is difficult to use a vehicle, you can use Launchpad. Yep, this thing does have the main function to catapult users in the intended direction. With Launchpad, you can move faster without walking, but you don't need to bother driving the vehicle.

2. Adjust the Slope According to the Purpose

You don't need to worry if Launchpad will catapult you to an unexpected location. This tool doesn't work automatically. So, you can adjust the direction and height before being thrown using Launchpad.

Later, there is the direction of the arrow that will help you in directing your aim and the height of your jump. Just set it according to your goals.

3. Tools to Reach High Places

One way to get Booyah is that you must not be seen by the enemy as much as possible. The right hiding place will certainly make it easier for you to be invisible to the enemy. You can also use a high place to hide as well as a sniping place.

Going to a high location is certainly not an easy matter. Moreover, there are some high places that are difficult to access by players. Therefore, you can use Launchpad to reach high ground. All you have to do is determine the direction of the jump to the high place you want to go.

4. Lure the enemy off guard

Launchpad does have the main function to move players from one location to another faster. That is why some Free Fire players have become interested in using it. Well, you can take advantage of these conditions to kill off enemies who are off guard, you know.

How do you use Launchpad as bait? Since there are many players who want to use this tool, you can wait in a location far enough from the Launchpad. From where you hide, wait for the enemy who wants to use the tool. Once the enemy is busy using Launchpad, you just aim and kill them.

5. First Check the Location You Want to Go

Before you change locations using Launchpad, first make sure the place you are aiming for is not a place crowded with enemies. Don't want to, right, be an easy target for the enemy when you arrive at a new place when using Launchpad?

There are various ways to check the crowds of locations that you want to go to, one of which is by using a UAV drone. When a UAV is scanning a location, you should immediately check the scanned location on the minimap. When it feels safe enough, you can move to that location with Launchpad.

Those are various tips that you should pay attention to when using Launchpad on Free Fire. Are you one of the players who often use these tools.