Free Fire Update September, There Are New Weapons Until New Characters

It seems that Garena will give a lot of surprises in Free Fire. Because several items that were previously seen on the advance server are available in the game such as the A124 character and Pet Shiba. 

Pistol Baru Free Fire

The rest may arrive as part of the free-fire update this September.

The latest update for Free Fire September

Many new items will launch in Free Fire, one of them will arrive on September 06, namely Plasma weapons. But not only that, there are still many new items in advance servers that have not been launched on the main server. It is also possible, new items and features have also launched this September along with Plasma weapons. Following is the display of new free fire items and features that may arrive in September 2019.

1. Plasma Free Fire Weapons

Plasma weapons that we have previously discussed will find survivors in the game on September 6, 2019. Yes, this weapon is a weapon without ammunition, survivors only need to shoot from 0% to reach 100%. After reaching 100%, this weapon cannot be used for a while and requires time to use it again.

2. Free Fire Grenade Launching Pistol

In addition to Plasma weapons, there are also new pistols with abilities similar to the M79 senate or often referred to as the Thrower. This grenade launch gun reportedly will be available in the Blue Zone area. Surely this will be a favorite of many players and become the most sought after a gun in combat.