Game Instructions Pinch Hitter 2

If you like baseball, there is an addictive online flash game called Pinch Hitter 2. Once you start this game and other free online games and flash games, you probably don't want to stop.

Game Instructions Pinch Hitter 2

The rules for pinch hitter 2 are very simple. The game is played exclusively with the mouse. Start the game in 3 clubs. Ten balls are thrown by thugs. When hit or caught, you lose one of the fighters. On the other hand, if you hit a home run, an additional ball will be thrown. If points are awarded and you lose a shot, your score drops in half. There are pitchers and outfielders, and the outfielders may be a little sneaky. So beware of strange catches.

The position of the racket relative to the base can be adjusted by moving the racket closer to the base or moving it away with the mouse. You can also move the club up and down with the mouse. There are three levels of play. A sandlot that rises in the Little League and ends in the Major League. In addition to the level, you must complete nine tasks to progress and eventually win.

Pinch Hitter 2 has some strategy tips to help you win the ball. One idea is to hit the ball with the end of the racket. This will advance the ball and start the home game. Another suggestion is to hit the ball as soon as possible. By doing so, you can have maximum time to get used to the thrower's spear where he can throw your punches. At the highest level, it was also proposed to consider taking a short shot with the shot close to the plate. This moves the player to 1 base. The batter then retreats and can hit the next ball at the end of the bat and bring the player home.

An impressive strategy is very important in this interesting game. A transparent white shadow rectangle representing the swing is displayed on the screen, and the position of the racket can be adjusted with the mouse. Use your mouse to set the batting stroke so that the white box is between the grass and soil in the infield. If you can't hit the ball when you start playing this game, this tip is probably very helpful.